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Sign Profile AL 15X12cm

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Sign Profile AL 15X12cm

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Sign Silver AL 12x12cm

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Sign Profile AL 50 X 51cm 

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Sign AL 20x20cm " NO SMOKING"

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A3 Poster Box, Sign Profile AL 25mm

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Internal Signing

The main points to apply internal signing are:

- The Logo / Logos sign of the company / companies, that indicate the entrance of the visitor. Also, the main sign of the building, which shows the offered services per level. The point, where the sign is usually placed, is nearby the elevator or the stairs, where the visitors rest or change levels.

- Floor level sign. Repeats the sections of the specific level. In larger buildings, this sign can highlight the specifics of the level, to facilitate internal movement. The point of installation is usually near the entrance of each floor  opposite to the elevator. In many cases, the above referred sign can also be directional with the use of arrows. Other common implementations are the suspended directional signs as well as the two-sided signs.

- Door signs and individual office signs providing information on the kind of usage, office numbers, employee names. The placed position is usually next to the doors at eye level.

Safety Signing

For safety signing, standardized texts, signs and colors are used as follows:

- Red and Black for banning signs

- Yellow and Black for warning and danger signs

- Blue for obligation signs

- Red for danger, alarm, equipment for firefighting signs

- Green for escape, help or safety situation signs

Outdoor Signing

Outdoor signing to indicate the company, organization, etc. The signs are usually placed at the entrance point or next to logos with basic directions such as entrance, parking, etc